Jerry Can for Stels Guepard

SKU: 020_003_00

This sturdy 5-liter jerry can is designed exclusively for STELS Guepard quad. It fits both quads storage box and the front rack. Jerry can have special styling for easy mounting.

Its shape repeats the contours of the box lid, box sides, and the front rack, providing easy joining of the mating surfaces. The jerry can is designed so that it does not hinder the box lid opening.

It is made of robust high-density polyethylene, which makes it resistant to external temperature changes and ideal for use during off-road trips. Using this jerry can allow you to extend your quad ride and thus get a lot more joy from your outing.

It is possible to mount up to 4 jerry cans on the storage box and up to 2 jerry cans on the front rack.

Complete set:

  • Jerry can spout
  • Retaining ring and a cap
Water resistance
Armored case
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Manual for installation and operation of Jerry Can for Stels Guepard

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