Jerry can for the ATV BRP XMR

SKU: 020-042-00

The jerry can with a capacity of 10 liters is designed for the ATV BRP XMR. The jerry can is made of durable high-density polyethylene, which allows it to withstand adverse weather conditions.

The design features provided that the jerry can is attached with a special attachment GKA Basic on the ATV box, located on the rear platform of the ATV. Mount GKA Basic allows easily, quickly, firmly and conveniently, without the use of tools to fix or remove the jerry can, which has special grooves for such mounts. The silhouette of the ATV box with a jerry can harmoniously complements the design of the ATV.

This jerry can is ideal for use during expeditions, long distance trips or for any other off-road trips.

Сomplete set:

  • jerry can spout;
  • retaining ring and a cap.

Weight: 2 kg

Dimensions: 490х360х150

Volume: 10 l

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